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The Biggest Interpreters Group provides three different types of interpreting services from which you can choose to best suit your requirements:

Escort interpreters

Escort interpreters are often assigned to an individual or group, and follow that person or group through a series of activities.

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpretation, the interpreter speaks after the source language speaker has finished speaking.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting is used in various situations such as business conferences, graduation ceremonies, etc.

Telephone interpreting

Interpreting services by phone, one of the two-sided conversation or conversation group that if by phone.

About Us

Dbig - The Biggest Interpreters group
Our aim is to assist our clients to achieve clear communication in any environment.

DBIG, founded in 2015, is a well-established network of expert interpreters who offer you the best professional interpreting services in Iran. Our extensive and wide-ranging network comprises a broad collection of freelance interpreters specialized in different fields and languages.

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